Composite Decking 3.6m - Woodgrain Effect - Ash Grey


Dual Sided Composite Decking with woodgrain effect in Ash Grey.

Transform your deck area with our new composite decking boards.  Available in a range of modern colours these extremely durable, low maintenance, rot free boards will transform your decking project.

What's more is these composite decking boards are dual sided offering you the option of installing with a traditional wide groove design on one side or a modern woodgrain effect on the reverse.

Each board is 3600mm long, 25mm thick and 150mm wide.

How to Maintain

Composite decking is not only easy to install, but requires very little maintenance during it's lifetime.  Unlike wood, composite decking doesn't need sanding, sealing or varnishing to maintain it's perfect finish.

The only bit of maintenance required would be an occasional wash with soap and water to remove any build up of dirt.

Is it Slippery 

Composite decking absorbs significantly less water than traditional decking and also eliminates the growth of fungi and mould which can make the surface slippery.  This gives you a safe and secure platform to walk on making it suitable for everyone including children and the elderly.

Is it difficult to install

Composite decking is simple to install and can be installed by any competent DIY enthusiast. It doesn't need any specialist or technical knowledge to be able to fit.

Composite decking is designed to cut like wood, the composite will not split or splinter so if you're using a saw then you'll be more than capable of installing this decking.