Cedral Gecko Clamps

By Cedral

The Cedral Gecko Clamps make it possible for a single person to effortlessly install 10mm Cedral Weatherboards, resulting in improved safety, reduced labor costs, increased efficiency, and superior accuracy.

These clamps can help users install Cedral Cladding up to 48% faster than traditional methods. By clamping a pair of Gecko Gauges onto the siding course, users can easily gauge and support the next course for nailing or screwing.

Thanks to the Friction-Cam mechanism on the gauges, they provide the necessary holding power to support 3.6 metre boards.

Working in tandem, the Gecko Gauge clamps onto each cladding layer, acting as an extra set of hands to gauge and support the next board for fixing. As a result, you can achieve fast and precise installation with less fatigue.

The Gecko Gauge is widely recognised as the quickest and most straightforward tool for installing Cedral Weatherboarding. Elevate your siding installation with the Gecko Gauge.

Please note colour of clamps may vary.