A1 Fire Rated CDECK Fibre Cement Decking - Dusty Grey


Fibre Cement construction ensures a strong, scratch and slip-resistant board. Unlike aluminium, which can get very hot in direct sunlight, our Fibre Cement decking is nicer to walk on barefoot year-round. Aluminium decking can be relatively loud and hollow sounding underfoot but our Fibre Cement Decking is quieter due to a solid construction.

 The system has ​Fire Classifications of A1FL-S1 resistant to fire and other temperature changes, like frost and ice.... Furthermore, it's a screw-free installation!


  • A1FL-S1 fire rated
    • fire proof
    • unalterable in extreme heat and naked flames
  • Weatherproof
  • UV resistant
  • Resistant to frost & thermal changes
  • Withstands extreme variations in temperature without becoming deformed due to expansion.
  • Screw free installation
  • Won't scratch or dent
  • High resistance to heavy loads
  • Resistant surface in high traffic
  • High anti-slip resistance
  • Resistant to the attack from acids & cleaning products
  • Mechanically fixed to prevent wind uplift
  • Resistant to salts & salt water
  • Resistant to moss & mould
  • Durable characteristics & colours over time
  • Can be used indoors & outdoors
  • 30 year warranty

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  • Dimensions: ​2.44m x 200mm x 25mm

  • Weight per board: 21kg

  • Weight per sqm: 45kg

  • Fire Rating: Class A1 Fire-Rated


Cleaning your porcelain decking is quick and easy:

For liquid spills (including sugary drinks, red wine), sticky oils (from food or BBQ's) and chemicals - simply wiped away.

To fully clean your paved area, cover the whole area with warm soapy water (this won't be absorbed due to the decking being water resistant) then simply rinse with clean water.