Beginners guide on how to instal cladding step by step

Installing cladding on the walls of your home is a great way to add a modern, stylish look. Although we highly recommend contacting either a local professional, or us here at Cladding Supplies Online, installing cladding has some basic fundamentals.

Here are the steps you should follow to install cladding correctly:

  1. Measure the area where you will be installing the cladding. Take into account any windows, doors, or other obstructions that may affect the installation.
  2. Prepare the surface of the wall. Use sandpaper to remove any imperfections and ensure the surface is even and smooth.
  3. Cut the cladding panels to the correct size. Measure and mark out the location of the panels before cutting to ensure they fit correctly.
  4. Apply adhesive to the back of the panels and place them on the wall, making sure they are even and straight.
  5. Secure the panels in place with nails or screws.
  6. Seal the edges of the panels with caulking to prevent moisture from getting in and damaging the cladding.
  7. Add any other finishing touches, such as decorative trim or crown molding.

With a few simple steps, you can easily install cladding on your walls and give your home a stylish new look.


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